Senior Pastor

Bro. Bob Hall

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Bro. Bob has been our pastor since 1994.  With a pastor's heart for God's people and for God's Word, FBC is a growing church.  Touched with compassion for helping others, Bro. Bob is highly respected in the community, serving as President of the Ministerial Alliance in Beebe as well as Chairman of the Board of the Christian Outreach Center.

From our Pastor:

Jude 22:  And of some have compassion, making a difference:

This verse forms the theme for my life.  I do want to make a difference in the lives of those with whom I have contact.  I have read that the average person will influence over 10,000 people during their lives.  Some of this influence will be negative and some will be positive.  I pray that my influence is positive.  By positive I mean leading people toward Christ rather than away from Him.

Thank you for visiting our Web site!  I invite you to attend our services.  You will find a schedule of our services on this web site.  You are indeed welcome to all of them.  I hope when you attend that we will be able to meet one another.  If I do not have the opportunity to meet you during the worship service I will be standing next to the Welcome Center as you leave.  Please stop by and give me the opportunity to meet you.

I desire to make a difference in your life!  One of the ways that I can do this is by doing my best to make sure that you hear a Word from God when I speak.  When you come, I have already committed myself to you in that I have prayed and studied the Word so that I have a Word from God.

I will also try to make a difference in your life by visiting in your home if you request a visit.  You can do this by filling out a guest card during our services and dropping it in the offering plate or dropping it off at the Welcome Center.  You can also request a visit by email.  My email address is

If you have a question or a prayer request, please email me at the above address.

Trying to make a difference,

Bro. Bob

Youth Minister

Dillon Swain

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I accepted Christ and surrendered to ministry at Camp Siloam in July of 2007 at the age of 14. I have a deep passion for the Word of God, and for leading Christians in making relationships that go beyond the walls of the church.

I love to cheer on the Razorbacks, spend time in the great outdoors, spend time with my wife, and coach my kid's ball teams.

Children's Director

Bethany Cameron

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Financial Secretary

Ginger Pearson

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Office Manager

Bernice Goss

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