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May 29, 2014, 10:08 AM


            I am extremely burden for this Sundays’ sermon, June 1, 2014!  I ask that that you pray for me as I deliver God’s Word.  We will be continuing on our thought of last Sunday:  Do You ABIDE in Christ?  Do you know for sure that you ABIDE in Him?  We will be studying verse 28-29 of 1 John chapter 2.  I hope you will prepare yourself for this study by reading these two verses several times, praying over them, meditating about them, and asking God to speak to all of us.  If you do not have a regular place of worship I personally invite you to BBFBC.

            We will first of all continue with the PRACTICE TEST that John gives to let us know for certain whether we have been saved.   As I have studied “abiding in Christ,” this week I’m certain there is something that God wants to teach all of us.

            Secondly we will look at the PURPOSE for us abiding in Christ from verse 28.  Wow, will you be confident and not ashamed at His Coming?

            Last, we find the PROOF that we are abiding in Christ in verse 29.

            I hope I can complete this sermon in one setting, IT HAS BEEN VERY convicting in my own personal life.  I hope you will make every effort to be here.

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