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April 14, 2014, 2:16 PM


I am walking through the last week in the life of Jesus this week in my daily devotions. I preached on this subject this past Sunday and gave an outline to everyone who wanted one.  If you would like an outline of what the Bible says that Jesus did each day the last week of His life email me at It is indeed challeneging yet rewarding.

I am seeking God this week concerning His message for us as at BBFBC this coming Sunday morning.  I ask that you seek Him with me and that we would hear from HIM this coming Lord's Day.

Alot of challenges lay ahead of us this week.  i commit to pray for all of your challenges though I may not know them all.  My sister, Faye, has been going through radiation treatment recently and will have blood work done Thursday, please remember her in your prayers. 

Wednesday night we will be studying Genesis 17.  The chapter deals with an arousal of Abraham's faith that had grown stale.  This should encourage those whose faith has weakened.  If you find yourself in this condition, come see what God's Word has to say.  Our Bible study begins at 6:00 pm.  I hope to see you Wednesday.

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