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March 12, 2014, 1:15 PM


I am so excited about tonights (WEDNESDAY) Bible Study.  We are in Genesis 16.  We are learning about Abram and Sara time in their life when they were childless and the promise of God, in their opinion, was not being fulfilled.  I am trying to make application for us today.  I am calling this three part series a lesson in IMPATIENCE:   1.  v. 1-2  The Causes of Impatience;  2.  v. 3-6  The Consequences of Impatience (Tonight);  and 3.  v. 7-16  The Cure for Impatience.  I hope you will be here for tonights service.

This Sunday, March 16 thru Wednesday March 19, I will be at New Hope Baptist Church in Black Oak, Arkansas in Revival.  Please be praying for us that it would not just be a meeting but a genuine REVIVAL.  Clay Goff will be bringing the message Sunday morning, Clark Colbert will be preaching Sunday night, and Jerry Ray will bring the Wednesday night Bible study on the 19th.  Please be praying for these men of God.

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