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May 29, 2014, 10:08 AM


            I am extremely burden for this Sundays’ sermon, June 1, 2014!  I ask that that you pray for me as I deliver God’s Word.  We will be continuing on our thought of last Sunday:  Do You ABIDE in Christ?  Do you know for sure that you ABIDE in Him?  We will be studying verse 28-29 of 1 John chapter 2.  I hope you will prepare yourself for this study by reading these two verses several times, praying over them, meditating about them, and asking God to speak to all of us.  If you do not have a regular place of worship I personally invite you to BBFBC.

            We will first of all continue with the PRACTICE TEST that John gives to let us know for certain whether we have been saved.   As I have studied “abiding in Christ,” this week I’m certain there is something that God wants to teach all of us.

            Secondly we will look at the PURPOSE for us abiding in Christ from verse 28.  Wow, will you be confident and not ashamed at His Coming?

            Last, we find the PROOF that we are abiding in Christ in verse 29.

            I hope I can complete this sermon in one setting, IT HAS BEEN VERY convicting in my own personal life.  I hope you will make every effort to be here.

May 15, 2014, 10:26 AM



            A lot is being said, written, thought, and taught about truth.  Web sites offer guidance on where to find truth and they vary vastly.  So, what about truth?  Does it matter?  Who defines truth?  Does truth change from generation to generation?  THE ONLY answer to these questions is JESUS and His Word!

            In 1 John 2:18-24 the Apostle John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, wrote about TRUTH that is applicable to our generation.  As a matter of fact, it is applicable to every generation.  This text will be our subject this Sunday morning, May 18 at 10:50 am.  If you are interested in TRUTH, and do not have a church home, I invite you to hear what God’s Word says.  The Word is powerful, persuasive, and personal to every one of all times.

            TRUTH can be summarized in one word:  JESUS!  I pray that you seek Him about everything in your life!  Remember in the words of the old song of the Inspirations:  “It won’t be a Baptist that is sitting on the throne, a Presbyterian or a Methodist that’s calling us home,…”   ALL beliefs will be filtered through JESUS.  It will not be a politician, a judge, or even the US constitution, it will be JESUS and He has revealed Himself and all truth to us through the Bible.

            Are you sure that what you believe is TRUTH?    Your eternity will be determined by what you do with TRUTH!

April 21, 2014, 9:58 AM


A couple of things are on my heart this week that I would love all of my friends to pray with me about:  MASTERSINGERS, (a group of men and women from Arkansas) are leaving today, April  21 , going to the Ukraine on a mission trip.  Pray for their safety and that God would change lives through the gospel message that will be preached and sung.

THE GATHERING is a group of Arkansas Baptist pastors and staff that will meet tonight, April 21 from 6:00--10:00 pm and tomorrow morning to pray for REVIVAL at Geyer Springs First Baptist Church in Little Rock.  Pray with me that God will meet with us and begin a movement toward him in all of our churches in Arkansas and ultimately America and the World.  "Lord, send a REVIVAL and let it begin in me," should be the desire of all.


April 14, 2014, 2:16 PM


I am walking through the last week in the life of Jesus this week in my daily devotions. I preached on this subject this past Sunday and gave an outline to everyone who wanted one.  If you would like an outline of what the Bible says that Jesus did each day the last week of His life email me at It is indeed challeneging yet rewarding.

I am seeking God this week concerning His message for us as at BBFBC this coming Sunday morning.  I ask that you seek Him with me and that we would hear from HIM this coming Lord's Day.

Alot of challenges lay ahead of us this week.  i commit to pray for all of your challenges though I may not know them all.  My sister, Faye, has been going through radiation treatment recently and will have blood work done Thursday, please remember her in your prayers. 

Wednesday night we will be studying Genesis 17.  The chapter deals with an arousal of Abraham's faith that had grown stale.  This should encourage those whose faith has weakened.  If you find yourself in this condition, come see what God's Word has to say.  Our Bible study begins at 6:00 pm.  I hope to see you Wednesday.

March 12, 2014, 1:15 PM


I am so excited about tonights (WEDNESDAY) Bible Study.  We are in Genesis 16.  We are learning about Abram and Sara time in their life when they were childless and the promise of God, in their opinion, was not being fulfilled.  I am trying to make application for us today.  I am calling this three part series a lesson in IMPATIENCE:   1.  v. 1-2  The Causes of Impatience;  2.  v. 3-6  The Consequences of Impatience (Tonight);  and 3.  v. 7-16  The Cure for Impatience.  I hope you will be here for tonights service.

This Sunday, March 16 thru Wednesday March 19, I will be at New Hope Baptist Church in Black Oak, Arkansas in Revival.  Please be praying for us that it would not just be a meeting but a genuine REVIVAL.  Clay Goff will be bringing the message Sunday morning, Clark Colbert will be preaching Sunday night, and Jerry Ray will bring the Wednesday night Bible study on the 19th.  Please be praying for these men of God.

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